Falcon & Associates – Masterclass to DBI associates Doing business in the Middle East

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22 Jan, 2018

Lively feedback and discussions at the Lecture on Establishment in the UAE, delivered to the Associates at the Dubai Business Internship Programme of Falcon & Associates on 22 January 2018

“You delivered a superb masterclass to the DBI associates on 22nd January that stands out from the 4 years of running our programme. A huge thank you for your insights and wise advice delivered with great humour that we all appreciated.
Attached is some of the feedback we received. You spoke so well to the diverse degrees of prior knowledge which our Associates have of the legal profession. The talk was always inclusive and revealing. The game element at the end was an exciting denouement. We all left the room buzzing with thoughts about how to structure start-ups in Dubai. I am sure you lit several fuses.” – James Maughan, Falcon & Associates

“The talk given by Cynthia was really informative. We got to know how foreign companies can be properly set up in UAE either the right license. She spent a lot of time answering our questions about legal profession in UAE and her professional trajectory.”Weichen Zhu, DIFC Authority

“Cynthia was very useful and hilarious (which I personally like). From the legal point of view she gave us a good overview, answered how to establish your company in UAE, which free zone to use. We liked her task – we were legal consultants for a while. And now we also understand that most probably we will need help from professionals like her!” – Anna Volkova, Dubai Opera

“I liked the session with Ms Trench.
1. It’s interesting to learn the legal side of doing business in general. The majority of the DBI associates may not have experience with the legal sector. This session serves well as an introduction to the role the law plays in corporate settings.
2. Ms Trench has in-depth knowledge in local businesses, drawing from her almost thirty years of legal experience. Her session casts light on the previously little known field of corporate structures. For example, the “local sponsorship” is a topic expatriates often talk about in Dubai. Yet not much is understood beyond the 51-49 shares holding rule. Ms Trench demystified many of similar concepts in her talk.
3. Many of the DBI associates have entrepreneurial ideas: plans in Dubai. This session is great for people who need to talk to a legal expert seeking clarifications on their own business initiatives.” Austin Sun, DED

“It was a very informative session. It seems that associates of different levels of legal knowledge all benefited from Cynthia’s talk and learned something new.” – Angus Yeung, DIFC Courts

“Cynthia has been very friendly and welcoming in the way she conducted the lecture. The topic of how to set up businesses using what structure is also very relevant to doing business in Dubai, as both know-how if we want to set up a business as well as for general understanding. She is a very animated lecturer, very knowledgeable and with a great personality. Definitely would recommend for other events.” – Victor Bian, Emirates NBD

“The class was very informative. She is very good at her job and she helped us to enhance our understanding towards how and what to do in order to set up business in the UAE. The knowledge that I learned in class is very similar to the works that I did at DIFC Authority. It was a very impressive lecture indeed.”  – Ting Lo, DIFC Authority