Falcon & Associates – Masterclass to DBI associates Doing business in the Middle East 2019

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21 Jan, 2019

Lecture on Establishment in the UAE
Delivered to the Associates at the Dubai Business Internship Programme of Falcon & Associates

“We are sincerely grateful for delivering another outstanding masterclass to the DBA associates on 21 January 2019. The associates and Falcon management are really lucky to hear you share your wisdom and experience. Your wonderful presentation style, with grace and a brilliant sense of humour is also a treat for us.

Attached is some of the feedback we received from the associates. Your session was relevant and interesting both to the associates with a legal background and those without. The exercise at the end of the session elicited great enthusiasm from the associates who were able to apply what they learned in the session.

Thank you for your continued support of the DBA programme. We hope to coordinate future visits, as one of our associates suggests in the feedback attached. If we can ever support you in your endeavours we would be very glad to do so” – James Maughan, Dubai Business Associates Falcon Golf Management Ltd

“I would like to express my gratitude to Cynthia for joining us for a second time and delivering a very informative session. I also thought to share this small nugget, which I was delighted by: In the session immediately following Cynthia’s talk, the participants started to leverage the insights they had just acquired. As we were tackling a case about entering a new regional market, most groups started setting up “Special Purpose Vehicles” and devising ways by which to decrease the new company’s taxes. It made me smile to see how quickly they integrated the learning and were ready to apply it.” – Karen Manasfi, Capadev

DBA associates feedback

“The session was very informative both for law professionals and potential entrepreneurs who wish to stay in Dubai or the UAE. The exercises helped make sense of the concepts learned and Cynthia was extremely knowledgeable with real life experience which enriched the discussions.” – Sarah Costa, Emirates Airline

“In relation to Mrs. Trench’s talk today, I can only say that I much enjoyed this hands-on study. It was personally very insightful to learn more about the laws in place, the complex solutions to circumvent some regulations, as well as going through the thinking of an experienced lawyer.” – Nathanael Didillon, DIFC Courts

“I really enjoyed it, invite Cynthia to present for future cohorts if possible.” – Timofei Sednev, Dubai Future Foundation

“Cynthia is very experienced in UAE corporate matters. The precautions she gave us about doing business in the region were valuable.” – Kepan Gao, DIFC Courts

“I liked Cynthia’s presentation. She provided us a very clear but practical overview of the law environment in UAE. I would say it is a very interesting topic.” – Wenxin Shen, Expo 2020

“The session was interesting, with easy to digest content about business law in the UAE.” – Suphasak Udomkichdecha, Emirates Airline