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Trench & Associates DMCC specializes in the Corporate, Property, and Construction business sectors and has a strong commitment to understanding clients’ requirements. By breaking down the conventional veil between legal and commercial advice, the firm can provide a personalized, tailored service that best suits the clients’ needs.

Client Testimonials


The DBA Associates

The DBA Associates, Cynthia Trench’s masterclass on the legal side of doing business is an eye-opener for anyone who wishes to establish a new business in the UAE. The session provides invaluable insights into the legal framework that governs business activities both on the mainland and in free zones. The DBA Associates and I were delighted to welcome Cynthia back for a 5th year in a row to deliver this insightful session. With a mix of lecture, discussions, and exercises complex legal concepts were laid out in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for even a layperson like myself to understand. Whether established as a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this masterclass is highly recommended to anyone who is looking to do business in the UAE. -Karen Manasfi

HILTI Corporation

HILTI Corporation, Webinar – Effectively Managing Assets in the UAE

“We would like to share our appreciation to Cynthia Trench from Trench & Associates DMCC Legal Consultants for conducting a workshop for our employees on ‘Effective Management of Assets in the UAE’. Based on the feedback from our staff, it was extremely relevant and useful. Interactive and engaging presentation style, very clear language for a diverse audience without legal background and opportunity to discuss individual cases made the session a great learning experience. Thanks again for your professional and highly useful presentation. We definitely recommend it to both corporate as well as individual customers who seek advice and support in managing their assets in the UAE.”

Emirates Airlines Staff

Emirates Airlines: It was useful and informative.  Great presentation; Excellent session – thank you so much! Sessions like these are very important for expats hence make an effort to organize them very often with updates on laws governing inheritance/ insurances etc that has direct bearing on individual and family staying away from homeland. It was a wake-up call for me to sort this out… Excellent and informative webinar. Please keep these coming as the info presented was extremely insightful and useful. Well done!  Lots of great information from an extremely knowledgeable lad