Intellectual Property

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  • Registration

    We advise on the registrability and assist with the registration process of all registrable intellectual property anywhere in the world.


    We advise on all aspects of exploitation of intellectual property, including assignments and licensing arrangements and mortgages, particularly within the fields of TV and film financing, production and distribution.

    Data Protection

    We advise on all aspects of protection, processing and cross border transfer of data whether in accordance with UK data protection legislation or legislation in force.


    We are able to take urgent action against parties infringing rights of registered Trademark/ Copyright holders including requests to the authorities for seizure and, in some cases, destruction of the items bearing infringing trademarks, issuing of fines, and civil court action which can result in the award of compensation. In such cases, we draft legal notices and are involved in raids and investigations into sources and origins.

    We advise clients on civil litigation to enforce their rights, including attachment proceedings and actions for compensation. It should also be borne in mind that the Police and the Public Prosecution can launch criminal proceedings against infringing parties, which can result in fines and/or imprisonment.