Safeguarding - Trench & Associated DMCC

Safeguarding (Keeping Minors Safe)

Safeguarding is an organisation wide holistic process that aims to prevent and identify issues and intervene before larger and more serious concerns develop. A well designed and efficiently implemented safeguarding program can promote accountability and responsibility for keeping children and minors safe from harm such as abuse. This service is offered to organisations whose activities involve minors.

Trench & Associates DMCC assists with the design, review, and delivery of:

  • safer recruitment policies and processes;
  • early help processes;
  • safeguarding awareness training; and
  • online safety.

Anti-Harassment/ Respectful Workplace

The recent overhaul of the UAE Labour Law, with the issuance of Law no. 33 of 2021, expressly prohibits sexual harassment at work which includes psychological as well as physical harassment, these amendments complement existing provisions in the UAE Penal Code under which sexual harassment is a crime. The new UAE Labour Law brings into focus the need for companies to develop and implement respectful workplace policies, workplace behaviours training, and awareness campaigns.

Our training and awareness campaigns centre around how to create professional, safe and healthy boundaries and establish a thriving professional environment in which we can expect to see and benefit from workplace behaviours such as:

  • Acceptance of personal responsibility
  • Replacing manipulation with influence
  • Elimination of passive aggressive behaviour
  • Tempering survival behaviours
  • Improving appropriate assertive behaviour