Standard Chartered Wills and Succession Workshops

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06 Feb, 2018

At the outset, we would like to thank Cynthia for her outstanding efforts in running these workshops. Her vast knowledge and courteous personality has helped in delivering the information to the participants. The questions raised at the beginning of the sessions have changed our perspective to think about our priorities!
We found these workshops certainly informative, worthwhile and engaging. In fact, we have received many positive feedback after the sessions. I will try to collate more testimonials from the participants and I shall share it with you for your reference.”Diana Tabbara

“I thought that the session was extremely helpful and probably applicable to everyone living here.
Cynthia handled the session extremely well and has extensive knowledge on the subject matter.”Nathalie Gandhi

“I found the session to be very informative and Cynthia was knowledgeable within the laws of the UAE and DIFC, she managed to answer all the questions directed at her. My husband and I will be contacting her directly in the near future.” Heba Sherif

“The session was very informative and useful. I think all expats living in UAE must attend this.
Cynthia, did a fantastic job. She demonstrated strong command and experience over the subject and handled all questions very well.”Khurram Hilal

“My feedback below:
1. Very knowledgeable of the local laws and requirement.
2. Express the message calmly and very well. I was very impressed.
3. It was an eye opener for some us. I really enjoy the session.
I am sure lots of staff have no idea how complicated this thing can be. To help, I and suggest to consider few more sessions.” Gratis Sakaya

“The session was excellent and informative. She did a great job and knows her subject very well.” Salmin Jadavgi