T&A assisted successfully Clients to sign full DIFC Wills from abroad

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15 Apr, 2020

By Raquel Bautista, Paralegal, Trench & Associates, April 2020

WSC Video Conference Registration

DIFC Wills Service Centre (WSC) has launched their new system, which allows the Testator and two (2) Witnesses to join in on the video conferencing call from different locations for a DIFC Full Will. The system also allows the Testator to upload the approved Will directly on the system and to affix electronic signatures.
We are pleased to announce that we have assisted our Clients successfully for the registration of DIFC Full Mirror Wills over the last 2 weeks and the registrations went well with WSC’s efficient and wellorganized system.
Herewith the process : We can assist in booking the appointment on behalf of Testators, provided that the DIFC Registration Fee are paid in full (inclusive of VAT) through us, as well as in uploading the required documentation as follows: –

1. Approved draft Wills; 2. Clear copies of the Testators’ passports (and Emirates IDs if applicable) 3. Clear copies of the Witnesses’ IDs (passport or any other form of ID; front and back if using Emirates ID) 4. Signed and dated Guardianship Witness Statements (if applicable)

The draft Wills to be registered must be sent to WSC at least two (2) working days before the appointment. The only section of the Wills that should remain blank are the signature sections (for Testators and Witnesses), all other information should already be completed (date, names and addresses for witnesses) as you will not be able to add these once we have uploaded the Wills on WSC’s system to be electronically signed during the video conferencing call.

You will need to provide us with the passport copies of your Witnesses including their addresses, contact numbers and email addresses. Alternatively, we can act as witnesses on your Wills.

Once the appointment is booked, an e-mail will be sent to you with the detailed information regarding the registration process and the links to the portal and skype meeting. A member of the DIFC Courts IT department will contact you twenty (20) minutes before the appointment to assist you in setting up the video conferencing call. Yourself (and witnesses, if joining from another location) will be required to have a Windows PC/Laptop with stable internet connection for the Will Registration meeting. Mobile (3G or 4G) internet connections are not acceptable and will not support the virtual registration meeting. You will need to have another touch screen device on hand to complete the electronic signature during the call using either a stylus pen or just finger (e.g. an apple or android touch screen mobile phone or iPad).

For all template Will registrations (Property Will, Business Owners Will and Financial Assets Will), they will follow the same earlier process for virtual registrations.

If you have any queries on the new process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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