Cynthia Trench
Trench & Associates DMCC


Cynthia Trench is a highly accomplished lawyer who possesses extensive knowledge and experience in several areas of law, including corporate and property law, as well as private client services.

Aside from her legal expertise, Cynthia is proficient in English and Cantonese, and speaks some French. This ability allows her to communicate effectively with clients from diverse backgrounds.

Cynthia has been based in Dubai since 1989 and is recognized as the first female expatriate licensed legal consultant in the Emirate. Her dedication to her profession has earned her numerous awards for her legal services, further cementing her reputation as a highly respected lawyer in Dubai.

As an expert in estate planning in the UAE, Cynthia has organized symposiums and spoken at seminars on the subject, demonstrating her commitment to educating and empowering her clients. Additionally, Cynthia played an active role in formulating the Dubai International Financial Centre’s (DIFC) probate regulations, showcasing her dedication to shaping legal frameworks.

Cynthia is particularly renowned for her expertise in drafting DIFC Wills and providing advice on probate and estate planning matters. Her clients regard her as the go-to person for these issues, confident in her ability to navigate complex legal matters and provide sound legal advice. review has listed Cynthia as Band 1 for Private Wealth Law for the UAE. Review


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