Krithika Sahi
Trench & Associates DMCC


Krithika Sahi is a qualified solicitor who joined Trench & Associates DMCC in 2023. She brings a wealth of experience in the areas of tax and trust matters, with a particular focus on probate and estate administration, wills, inheritance tax planning, and powers of attorney in the UK. Her experience in these areas has given her a strong foundation in legal practices and procedures, which has been invaluable in her work as a solicitor.

As a solicitor of England & Wales, Krithika has undergone rigorous training and has passed all necessary exams to become qualified in her field. Her legal expertise is evident in her ability to provide sound advice and guidance to clients, and her attention to detail ensures that all matters are handled with precision and care.

At Trench & Associates DMCC, Krithika is involved in a wide range of commercial matters. Her responsibilities include drafting and reviewing all types of commercial agreements. She is also a valued member of the Private Client Department, where she assists with a variety of matters, including estate planning, wills, trusts and foundations.

Krithika’s commitment to providing high-quality legal support and her ability to work effectively across multiple areas of law make her a valuable member of the team at Trench & Associates DMCC. Her expertise and dedication to client service ensure that clients receive the best possible advice and support and that their legal matters are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail.

 : Krithika Sahi