What’s the grace period, fine for renewing Emirates ID?

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10 Jul, 2017

As published in Khaleej Times
Anita Iyer

Non-renewal of the card can invite a fine for each day of delay

The Emirates ID proves your identity as a UAE resident and is required for any documentation you need to carry here – be it your driving license, renting a property, getting utility connections and so on.

But did you know that once your Emirates ID gets expired, you have to renew it within 30 days from the date of expiry? The notification was shared by Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) on their social media account this week.

Emirates ID ✔ @EmiratesIDUAE
#DYK:  The time limit to renew expired ID cards is 30 days from the date of expiry. Renew your #EmiratesID on time to avoid fines #EIDACares
11:30 AM – Jul 9, 2017

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Also, in case of delay, you will be fined Dh20 per day as late fee, up to a maximum of Dh1,000.

The fine will be imposed in the following cases:

1. Delaying the issuance of the card or registration
2. Non-renewal of the card after 30 days from the date of expiry.

Renewal of the card:
When the Emirates ID nears expiry, the card holder will receive a message from the EIDA regarding renewal of the Emirates ID. EIDA pointed out that applying for an ID card renewal requires the applicant to personally visit one of the accredited typing offices.

It is known that UAE residents are required to carry the card at all times. The UAE nationals can choose between five and ten years while applying for issuance or renewal of the card. But for UAE residents, the validity of their ID card is linked to the validity period of their residency.

The applicant above 15 years old must go to the registered identity authority which will take a picture, fingerprints and electronic signature of the individual.

Every UAE resident has a PIN, and we’re not talking credit cards

Documents required:
The procedure starts with submitting the documents by filing the online form on the website or via smart mobile phone application or by submitting the documents to one of the accredited typing offices.

Submit the application with the necessary documents as prescribed –

For UAE Citizens (above 15 years old)

a. Certificate of social security
b. Original passport and family book (original plus photo copies)
c. Expired identity card or certificate of identity proof

For UAE Citizens (Elderly and special needs)

a. Medical report issued by competent authority
b. Photographs (4.5 X 3.5 cm with blue background)

For Children (under 15 years old)

Original birth certificate + above documents

For UAE residents (above 15 years old)

a. Original valid passport
b. Expired residency
c. Expired Emirates ID/certificate of identity proof
d. Photocopy of the expired Emirates ID

Residents added to parent’s passport

a. Original passport
b. Unified number from the Department of Nationality and Foreigners Affairs
c. Original birth certificate or father’s passport or father’s ID

Submission of documents:
The process of submitting the request will start with the processing of the documents. The application has to be filled online on the Authority’s website. The other options are smart mobile phone application or approved typing office followed by the payment of registration fee, printing and the receipt of the registration request form.

Payment of fees:
Below is the fee you need to pay while renewing your Emirates ID card:

Dh100 for UAE and GCC nationals (5 years validity)
Dh200 for UAE and GCC nationals (10 years validity)
Dh100 for UAE residents (each residency year)
Dh150 Express service for all categories
Dh70 Additional fee in case of submitting online form and print
Dh40 Audit fee if the customer is submitting online via the website.

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Receipt of the Identity Card:
Once the application has been submitted, you will receive your new Emirates ID within 7 working days. Customers must contact the Emirates Post to receive the card after receiving a message on the availability of the card.

Below are the categories exempted from the fee of identity card:

a. Social security category
b. Special needs category

But they have to bear the following expenses:

a. Dh70 Additional fee in case of submitting online form and print
b. Dh40 Audit fee if the customer is submitting online via the website.