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At Trench & Associates, our area of expertise encompasses all business and commercial law elements. Small businesses, startups, successful SMEs, and multinational corporations are among the clients pour commercial lawyer Dubai assists. Regardless of the company’s size, we ensure dedicated, proactive, and responsive. As one of the most reputable commercial law firms, our main objective of commercial litigation attorneys is to try and resolve disputes and conflicts out of court....

To settle conflicts, our conflict resolution team acts as a mediator. The goal is to resolve disputes amicably and in everyone’s favor without resorting to the legal system. Hiring a corporate law company is one strategy to keep legal issues and commercial disagreements at bay. This helps to express the company’s goals in business correspondence to enable everyone to follow through.


Commercial Law Firm Dubai - Services

Agencies & Distribution

We offer guidance on a variety of distributors and agencies. Commercial lawyers in Dubai from Trench & Associates have experience drafting various agency and distribution contracts and pay particular attention to matters like the passage of title, risk allocation, and retention of title, as well as other concerns, including liens, shipping, and goods transportation.

Joint Ventures

We provide counsel on all forms of corporate and contractual joint ventures, shareholder relationships, and other forms of collective participation. We have expertise in both domestic and international joint venture agreements.



All franchise agreements, from those involving restaurants and bars to less traditional franchising schemes, are advised by Trench & Associates’ commercial lawyer dubai.


We counsel on all hotel, residential, and workplace arrangements that involve outsourcing or delegating management tasks.



Our commercial lawyer Dubai helps clients with a variety of matters, such as music and sports, branding and promotion, financing, production, and distribution of movies and television shows, contracts with cast and crew, content licensing and acquisition, buying and selling artwork and other collectibles (including at auctions), and related dispute resolution.


We provide hospitality, holiday, and tourist counsel on issues including stores, malls, dining establishments, nightclubs, and theme parks.


Trade, Retail, and E-commerce

We work with clients on all commercial dealings, sales of goods and services, and other operations, including the leasing, hiring, and purchasing of consumer goods and large pieces of machinery. We have experience recording such agreements, including transactions and agreements with shopping centers, malls, and other shop-in-shop structures. We also offer fundamental e-commerce guidance in the UAE and throughout the GCC.


Our Expertise as One of The Leading Commercial Law Firms

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