Compliance and Ethics

Compliance and Ethics - Trench & Associates DMCC

Compliance and Ethics

At Trench & Associates DMCC, we believe that Compliance and Ethics are central to any business strategy as all organisations operate on a set of values, whether these values are intentionally defined or not. A well designed and implemented compliance and ethics program allows businesses to consciously mitigate risks that would have otherwise been obscured and proactively create a corporate culture which can create or regain trust within the organisation itself and within the marketplace.

Today we see effective leaders placing compliance and ethics at the centre of the strategic core of organisations.

We assist with:

  • designing and enhancing compliance and ethics programs;
  • developing and advising on standards, policies, and procedures;
  • designing, drafting and delivering robust risk based training programmes and internal awareness campaigns which are tailored and aimed reinforcing your organisation’s values and standards;
  • designing risk based third party screening policies and process aligned with your organisation’s risk tolerance levels; and conducting enhanced third party screening services.