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Debt Collection Services

Trench & Associates DMCC – Our collection method stems from our many years of experience and we adhere to tried and true negotiation principles. We can evaluate genuine cash flow problems and stalling excuses for non-payment by maintaining close contact with the debtor. Due diligence and financial fraud investigation are essential components of our debt collection efforts…

We recognise that no two debtors or their circumstances are identical, so we negotiate with them based on the facts and their circumstances. Our debt collection team offers a quick, focused, and workable solution with a high success rate, and most importantly, we try to be honest in our assessment of the situation.

We accomplish this through relentless research, experimentation, efficient use of technology, and teamwork, all while maintaining a strong and amicable relationship with the debtor, allowing you to keep the “window of negotiation” open for future business opportunities. While we have a high success rate with amicable recoveries, if necessary, we can initiate legal action and see it through to a successful conclusion – through the court, thanks to our lawyers and network of trusted and experienced advocates, which provides preferential services and rates.

Many years of consistent performance and high debt and nonperforming loan recovery rates have earned us a reputation for recovering in conditions where most others have failed. All information and documents provided by clients are kept secure, and we maintain the strictest levels of privacy and confidentiality.

Our Debt Collection team allows you to recover doubtful or bad debts using our efficient and cost-effective methodology.

We can approach your debtors and handle the collection process professionally and objectively as licensed registered legal consultants.

Our approach is to use a variety of methods, such as calling, visiting, writing legal notices to debtors, and preparing formal notarised demands. We can assist and advise you on the filing of formal debt collection proceedings, including requesting the intervention of the Center for Amicable Dispute Resolution before going to court.

We offer:
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Lawyers and paralegals who can assist with debt collection
  • Free updates and reports
  • Free initial advice
  • Low fee structures with a sliding scale.