Dispute Resolution

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  • Arbitration

    We advise on all arbitration procedures and conduct arbitration proceedings on behalf of clients in various jurisdiction, both domestic and abroad. We have acted for clients in DIAC, DIFC, ADCCAC, ICC and ad hoc arbitral proceedings. We often advise a number of international clients and law firms on UAE law, where the parties have chosen UAE law to govern their dispute.


    We advise on all aspects of commercial litigation, having good relationships with specialist barristers (London) and advocates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) to ensure that clients are given the best representation.

Experience Statement

  • Successfully assisted a client in setting aside a DIAC arbitral award in the Dubai Court of First Instance.
  • Reviewing, amending, and drafting comprehensive SPAs concerning the sale and purchase of industrial properties in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.
  • Represented a property developer in relation to several cases through the Courts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in relation to the enforcement of arbitral awards.
  • Represented a client in defending an arbitration claim in the Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre in an engineering consultancy dispute.
  • Assisted an international law firm in an ICC – Paris arbitration by advising on relevant UAE law provisions applicable to their dispute.
  • Assisted an international law firm in a DIAC arbitration by advising on relevant UAE law provisions applicable to their dispute and preparing a UAE law report for submission to the Tribunal on behalf of the firm’s client.
  • Assisting a client in commencing Dubai Court proceedings against a property developer for a reduction in the purchase price agreed, based on the fact that the delivered units were not in accordance with the agreed specification.
  • Successfully assisted a client in enforcing a sale of shares agreement in the Dubai Court of First Instance.
  • Assisted a sub-contractor client in commencing DIAC arbitration proceedings against the main contractor in relation to unpaid final invoices.
  • Advised a client party to one of the most extensive and multi-jurisdictional litigious cases ever to come before the civil courts. Assisted the client in achieving harmony amongst the members of the international conglomerate when repercussions occurred some ten years after settlement.
  • Advised a large regional company in regard to breach of a non-compete agreement and disclosure of trade secrets by a former senior employee.
  • Assisted a large local entity in protecting its intellectual property rights further to the theft of the same by a former partner.
  • Successfully assisted a client in negotiating a favourable payment plan with a regional bank further to the bank’s breach of the relevant loan agreement.
  • Advising employers in the UAE in regard to breach of contract, termination procedures, disciplinary proceedings and end of service benefit calculations.
  • Assisting both landlords and tenants of properties in Dubai in regard to disputes relating to their tenancy contracts and representing them before the Dubai Municipality’s Rent Dispute Committee.