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Private Client

Estate planning

Trench & Associates DMCC advises on estate planning particularly in the UAE for UK and other Expats whether temporarily or permanently resident outside their country of origin. We act in conjunction with several correspondents worldwide to ensure that the personal legal and tax positions of our clients is protected for the current and the next generation.


We advise on all aspects relating to succession including wills and probate as well as advice on the effect of the estate, rights and charges and how these affect the beneficiaries whether pursuant to a will or otherwise. In the UAE, we are able to advise on aspects of Sharia Law that may affect succession.

We work with Muslims and non-Muslim Clients alike in terms of corporate governance and family constitutions, charters and by-laws.  In this regard, we have formed Foundations at the DIFC and elsewhere and work closely with other providers in establishment of Trusts.

Probate & Inheritance

Having been established for since 1996, Trench & Associates is the top Firm in respect of handling Probate and Inheritance matters. In recent years, we handle over a dozen inheritance cases which are progressing through the Courts throughout the Emirates, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Similarly, we handle many probate matters at the DIFC Courts.

Offshore tax efficient structures

We advise high net worth individuals in respect of restructuring their private property ownership which allows them to benefit certain beneficiaries under trusts or other structures using offshore tax efficient models.

We provide such advice with the assistance of correspondents in various offshore jurisdictions to obtain the most up to date and highest level of advice, paying particular regard to the introduction of the latest UAE Corporate Tax.