Raquel Bautista
Trench & Associates DMCC


Raquel Bautista has a wealth of experience in the legal industry, having worked in different capacities in law firms and courts. She began her career with Trench & Associates DMCC in 2006 as an assistant to the lawyers in the commercial, property, and intellectual property matters. Her initial stint with the firm gave her a strong foundation in legal practices and procedures, as well as exposure to various aspects of the law.

After a brief hiatus, Raquel returned to Trench & Associates DMCC in 2011 and currently works as a paralegal, providing support to Cynthia Trench in estate planning, wills, and inheritance matters. Her role involves a wide range of responsibilities, including drafting wills, particularly DIFC Wills and Abu Dhabi Wills, which are specific types of wills that are recognized under the laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre and Abu Dhabi, respectively.

In addition to drafting wills, Raquel is also involved in handling DIFC Probate and Sharia Inheritance cases before the Dubai Courts and other courts in the UAE. This involves assisting Cynthia in the administration of estates and ensuring that the assets of the deceased are distributed in accordance with the law.

Before moving to Dubai, Raquel worked with a law firm and Municipal Trial Court in the Philippines. Her experience in these roles provided her with a strong foundation in legal practices and procedures, which has been invaluable in her work as a paralegal with Trench & Associates DMCC. Raquel’s commitment to providing high-quality legal support and her attention to detail make her a valuable member of the team.

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